Made it to Nice. It turns out that neutralising most of the stage makes the remaining timed section a hammer fest! So not quite the easy roll back into Nice that we all had in mind. As soon as the clock started ticking it was full gas to the finish line.

This to me says everything about the mentality you need to do the Haute Route. Give it everything until the last. And I did give everything I had. That was good enough for 67th place overall. Well above my top 100 target and enough to earn plenty of extra cash for UK Youth.

To all those who promised extra, thank you. It made the pain easier and the team at UK Youth will really appreciate it too.

Enjoying my first beer in a month, with Becks, overlooking the plage in Nice. This one I’ve earned. More reflections and fundraising updates to come…


4 thoughts on “Nice

  1. David Wallen

    Ben – consensus here is that this was a superb achievement. Really well done. You don’t have to go back on a bike now until at least Tuesday. Enjoy Nice whatever the weather.

  2. Camille

    Well done Ben! 67th is amazing, that definitely deserves some extra cash for the kids. Hope you’re enjoying the recovery now. p.s. good job on the blog, it’s been nice to see how you’ve progressed every day.


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